Homo Sapiens++

Cyberyoubots - Homo Sapiens++

Home Sapiens++ is the most advanced product of Cyberyoubots. It combines several advanced technologies.

Robotics : a novel combination of materials making the whole structure super-strong.

Biomechanical exoskeleton : a unique mechanical structure, perfect combination of electrical, pneumatic and hydrolic systems.

Energy : several possible sources of energy (depending on models) such as solar energy (combination covered with solar collectors), nuclear (mini core of enriched uranium) or biomass.

Brain-machine interface : an ability to interpret brain signals in order to interact directly with Homo Sapiens++ by thought.

Artificial intelligence : result of recent research in artificial intelligence, Homo Sapiens++ has a support system and a very thorough decision support system. The system is capable of analyzing the environment which the user is located, and anticipate its decision to dramatically increase his reflexes and speed of reaction.

Biodetection/Bioprotection : an ability to detect dangerous elements in the user environment (toxic gases, bacteriological contamination, radiation, ...) and trigger protection measures.

Gadgets : many gadgets specially designed for Homo Sapiens++ can be added such as frontal flashlight, UV glasses, 3D glasses, night vision, screen glasses (augmented reality), heating / cooling systems, comminucation systems (telephone, WIFI, Bluetooth, infrared, ...), weapons, ...